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The Big Debate: Episode on the economy

24 March 2019 at 6:00am – 8:00am

South Africa’s energy future: Climate change is already causing misery in Southern Africa, but South Africa, the region’s biggest carbon emitter, is not making progress on the transition to clean energy!

Join The Big Debate, hosted by award-winning broadcaster Redi Tlhabi.

“The show provided a platform for an important and challenging discussion about how we move to a low-carbon economy without negating the very real risks to coal workers, but this should be a NATIONAL debate. We have a leadership vacuum on this issue, as we do on so many other critical challenges facing our country” – Tracey Davies, executive director, Just Share.

To watch a recording of The Big Debate: Episode on the economy

The show was broadcast live on SABC2, SABC News, SAFM and YouTube.