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Shareholder Resolutions & AGMs

*Standard Bank “TCFD shareholder resolution” (2019):
In April 2019, Standard Bank tabled a resolution submitted by two shareholders, the RAITH Foundation and Theo Botha, with support from Just Share. Shareholders will vote on the resolution at Standard Bank’s AGM on 30 May 2019. If the resolution is passed with more than 50% of the vote, the bank will be required to prepare a report on its exposure to climate risk in its lending, financing and investment activities. While the decision to table the resolution is ground-breaking in South Africa, the Standard Bank board has disappointingly recommended that shareholders vote against the resolution. Read about this in more detail.

*Sasol Limited “2 degree scenario” shareholder resolution (2018):
In June 2018, Sasol informed the shareholders who proposed this resolution that the company would not be tabling the resolution at its 2018 AGM. Read about this in more detail.