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Non-Executive Directors

The closing date for applications has passed and this position is now closed.

We are recruiting 4 x Non-Executive Directors, one of whom will act as Chair of the Board.

Just Share is a non-profit shareholder activism and responsible investment organisation that promotes the use of investor power for a fairer South Africa.

Just Share works with institutional and retail investors, regulators, companies and civil society to drive good corporate citizenship through active ownership and responsible investment. Just Share aims to catalyse behaviour change that unlocks the potential of the corporate and financial sectors to create a fairer, more equal society.

Just Share invites applicants to serve as Non-Executive Directors of the organisation. The appointed Directors must understand how the investment system should contribute to social and environmental justice, and be committed to investment behaviour that drives sustainable long-term value creation. The appointed Directors should possess the qualifications, skills, expertise and commitment which will support the organisation in achieving its objectives.

Just Share is committed to the establishment of a board of directors which comprises the appropriate balance of knowledge, skills, experience, diversity and independence to enable it to discharge its governance role and responsibilities objectively and effectively.

Qualifications, skills and experience

Suitably qualified candidates, with experience in one or more of the following, are encouraged to apply:

  • Financial services, in particular asset management
  • Financial management
  • Management and/or board membership of non–profit companies
  • Responsible investment and active ownership
  • Pension / provident fund trustee or principal officer roles
  • Strategic communications and/or public relations
  • Academic credentials in the areas of sustainability, responsible investment, active ownership and/or impact investing

Candidates must have a clear understanding of the fiduciary duties of a director and demonstrate the following personal characteristics:

Integrity: have experience in a position of trust requiring him or her to act in good faith, avoid conflicts of interest and display the highest standards of honesty and integrity within and outside of the Company.

Independence: be able to exercise judgment independently of any stakeholder and any listed company, pension/provident fund, asset manager or investor. Should not occupy any political office (in any political party) or occupy a position in any sphere of government.

Competence: the nominated directors must have obtained a degree or equivalent qualification and have demonstrable practical knowledge and experience relevant to the role.


Non-executive director positions will not be remunerated, but all reasonable and agreed travel expenses will be covered by the organisation.

How to apply

Please email Greer Blizzard at [email protected] with a brief explanation of your interest in and suitability for this role, as well as a copy of your CV.

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