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Just Share NPC was established in 2017 by the corporate accountability team at the Centre for Environmental Rights, with support from the RAITH Foundation. Its establishment marked the culmination of a number of years of collaboration between the RAITH Foundation, civil society organisations and business and human rights experts.

We use advocacy, engagement and activism to support active ownership and responsible investment which drives good corporate citizenship in South Africa. We collaborate with and support other social and environmental justice organisations in communicating the relevance of their work effectively to the investment community.


Our vision is of an investment system in which investors actively engage with and challenge companies to become good corporate citizens, contributing to a just and equal society and a healthy environment.


Just Share’s mission is to advance responsible investment and stimulate active ownership to reduce social inequality, prevent environmental degradation and accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy by:

  • Building partnerships with and enhancing collaboration between investors, civil society, savers, financial institutions and government;
  • Providing meaningful environmental, social and governance information to investors;
  • Incentivising and supporting the use of shareholder power to drive good corporate citizenship; and
  • Connecting the lived realities of communities and social justice organisations with the decisions of the investor community.

Our Team

What is responsible investment?

Responsible investment means making investment decisions with a focus not simply on short-term financial gain, but on long-term value creation. Responsible investment – also referred to as socially responsible, ethical or sustainable investment – involves an investment approach that integrates environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues into financial analysis and decision-making.

Responsible investment is premised on the belief that the concept of “value” in the investment system must extend beyond financial returns, to encompass the impacts of a company’s operations on the environment within which it operates and the people who work for it and who are affected by it.

Sustainable operations which minimise their impact on the environment, recognise and respect the rights of employees and affected communities, and adopt a prudent approach to executive remuneration, are in the long term best interests of shareholders.

What is shareholder activism?

Shareholder activism refers to the ways in which shareholders in a company can exercise their rights as partial owners of that company to influence management to behave in a particular way. The steps taken can range from engaging with management in private, to the use of shareholder resolutions and litigation to force changes in company behaviour.