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Just Share is a non-profit shareholder activism organisation. We believe that responsible investment can help to create a more just and inclusive economy.

We use advocacy, engagement and activism to drive good corporate citizenship by South African-listed companies and institutional investors.

Our work focuses on three key ESG issues:


26 November 2020

Pay rules are ripe for an overhaul

This article, by Tracey Davies, was first published in the Financial Mail on 26 November 2020.

The organisers of the 2020 summit of the US National Association of Corporate Directors made an interesting decision when they invited author Anand Giridharadas, famous for his public scorching of corporate elites, to speak at the event.

Giridharadas, true to form, lambasted members of... continued

18 November 2020

Crude Risk: Risks to banks and investors from the East African Crude Oil Pipeline

Civil society groups issue new finance risk briefing

French oil company Total is aiming to ensure the much-delayed Final Investment Decision on the controversial East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP),  a 1,445km pipeline from Hoima in Uganda to the port of Tanga in Tanzania, is signed before the end of this year. If completed, it will... continued

17 November 2020

Sasol remuneration briefing

Just Share has prepared a briefing on remuneration at Sasol Limited, in advance of the company’s annual general meeting (AGM) on 20 November.

The briefing sets out Just Share’s planned voting at the AGM, and the rationale behind our voting decisions.

Download the full briefing

Key points:

  • Just Share will vote against the remuneration policy and remuneration implementation report, chiefly... continued

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What is responsible investment?

Responsible investment means making investment decisions with a focus not simply on short-term financial gain, but on long-term value creation. It involves an investment approach that integrates environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues into financial analysis and decision-making: i.e., it is premised on the belief that the concept of “value” in the investment system must extend beyond financial returns, to encompass the impacts of a company’s operations on the environment within which it operates and the people who work for it and who are affected by it.

What is shareholder activism?

Shareholder activism refers to the ways in which shareholders in a company can exercise their rights as partial owners of that company to influence management to behave in a particular way. The steps taken can range from engaging with management in private, to the use of shareholder resolutions and litigation to force changes in company behaviour.