AGM calendar

The top 100 JSE-listed companies by market capitalisation.

Except when the AGM date is in bold, the AGM dates listed below are provisional based on the date of the companies’ previous AGM. It is advisable to confirm AGM date on the respective company website. 

Just Share publishes AGM rounds-ups after attending AGMs. The round-ups summarise the key issues addressed during AGMs; offer insights into how the AGMs were conducted and highlight commitments made by the companies in response to questions asked by Just Share. These round-ups can be found in our “Resources” section: AGM activism

*Company AGMs Just Share has attended since January 2023.

JSE codeCompany nameAGM dateAGM formatDisclosure of minutes of previous AGM
GTCGlobe Trade Centre S.A.26/06/20242024 AGM: in person-only
SRESirius Real Estate Limited28/06/20242024 AGM: in person-only
BYIBytes Technology Group Plc11/07/20242024 AGM: electronic-only
VODVodacom Group Limited17/07/20242024 AGM: Hybrid
KSTPSG Financial Services Limited22/07/20242024 AGM: electronic-only
NY1*Ninety One Limited25/07/20242024 AGM: electronic-onlyNot publicly available on company website
N91Ninety One Plc25/07/20242024 AGM: hybridNot publicly available on company website
DCPDis-Chem Pharmacies Limited31/07/20242024 AGM: electronic-onlyNot publicly available on company website
INL*Investec Limited08/08/20242024 AGM: hybridMinutes of 2023 AGM
INPInvestec Plc08/08/20242024 AGM: HybridMinutes of 2023 AGM
AFTAfrimat Limited06/08/20242024: in person-only
EQUEquites Property Fund Limited17/08/20242023 AGM: Hybrid
PRXProsus NV21/08/20242024 AGM: electronic-only
TKGTelkom SA SOC Limited21/08/20242023 AGM: hybrid
NPNNaspers Limited25/08/20242023 AGM: electronic-only
PIK*Pick ‘n Pay Stores Limited27/08/20242024 AGM: electronic-onlyMinutes of 2023 AGM
MCGMultiChoice Group Limited28/08/20242023 AGM: in person-only
HCIHosken Consolidated Investments Limited29/08/20242024 AGM: in person-only
MRP*Mr Price Group Limited29/08/20242024 AGM: HybridNot publicly available on company website
RNIReinet Investments30/08/2024TBC
VKEVukile Property Fund Limited09/01/2024TBC
CFRCompagnie Financière Richemont SA09/07/2024TBC
TFGThe Foschini Group Limited09/08/2024TBC
OMNOmnia Holdings Limited21/09/2024TBC
TSGTsogo Sun Gaming Limited21/09/2024TBC
NPHNortham Platinum Holdings Limited25/10/2024TBC
S32South32 Limited27/10/2024TBC
NHMNortham Platinum Limited28/10/2024TBC
IMPImpala Platinum Holdings Limited30/10/2024TBC
AVIAVI Limited31/10/2024TBC
BHGBHP Group Limited11/01/2024TBC
KAPKAP Industrial Holdings Limited11/01/2024TBC
MTHMotus Holdings Ltd11/02/2024TBC
TRUTruworths International Limited11/03/2024TBC
RMIRand Merchant Investment Holdings Limited11/08/2024TBC
ITEItaltile Limited11/11/2024TBC
SHP*Shoprite Holdings Limited11/11/20242023 AGM: electronic-onlyMinutes of 2022 AGM
SOL*Sasol Limited15/11/20242024 AGM: electronic-onlyNot publicly available on company website
BIDBid Corporation Limited16/11/2024TBC
RCLRCL Foods Limited16/11/2024TBC
WHL*Woolworths Holdings Limited20/11/20242023 AGM: electronic-onlyMinutes of 2023 AGM
DSY*Discovery Limited21/11/20242023 AGM: hybridNot publicly available on company website
PANPan African Resources plc23/11/2024TBC
WBOWilson Bayly Holmes-Ovcon Limited23/11/2024TBC
MTMMomentum Metropolitan Holdings Limited24/11/2024TBC
HYPHyprop Investments Limited25/11/2024TBC
BVTThe Bidvest Group Limited25/11/2024TBC
OUTOUTsurance Holdings Limited26/11/2024TBC
SPGSuper Group Limited28/11/2024TBC
DRDDRDGOLD Limited29/11/2024TBC
GRTGrowthpoint Properties Limited29/11/2024TBC
HARHarmony Gold Mining Company Limited29/11/2024TBC
FSR*FirstRand Limited29/11/20242023 AGM: hybridNot publicly available on company website
REMRemgro Limited30/11/2024TBC
ARIAfrican Rainbow Minerals Limited01/12/2024TBC
FFAFortress REIT Limited01/12/2024TBC
MSPMAS Real Estate Inc07/12/2024TBC
APNAspen Pharmacare Holdings Limited07/12/2024TBC
CLS*Clicks Group Limited01/02/20252024 AGM: in-person onlyNot publicly available on company website
NTCNetcare Limited02/02/20252024 AGM: electronic-only
SAPSappi Limited05/02/20252024 AGM: Hybrid
OCEOceana Group Limited06/02/20252024 AGM: in-person only
BAWBarloworld Limited16/02/20252024 AGM: electronic-only
RDFRedefine Properties Limited19/02/20252024 AGM: electronic-only
CML*Coronation Fund Managers20/02/20252024 AGM: electronic-onlyNot publicly available on company website
SPP*SPAR Group Limited21/02/20252024 AGM: HybridMinutes of 2024 AGM
LHCLife Healthcare Group Holdings Limited22/02/20252024 AGM: electronic-only
RLOReunert Limited22/02/20252024 AGM: electronic-only
TBSTiger Brands Limited22/02/20252024 AGM: Hybrid
PPHPepkor Holdings Limited07/03/20252024 AGM: electronic-only
TCPTransaction Capital Limited09/03/20252024 AGM: electronic-only
GLNGlencore Plc23/04/2025TBC
BTIBritish American Tobacco Plc24/04/2025TBC
ANHAnheuser-Busch InBev SA/NV24/04/2025TBC
HMNHammerson Plc25/04/2025TBC
AGLAnglo American Plc30/04/20252024 AGM: Hybrid
MNPMondi Plc04/05/20252024 AGM: Hybrid
JSE*JSE Limited07/05/20252024 AGM: HybridMinutes of 2023 AGM
SUISun International Limited08/05/20252024 AGM: in-person only
AMSAnglo American Platinum Limited09/05/20252024 AGM: Hybrid
LTELighthouse Properties Plc14/05/20252024 AGM: electronic-only
NRPNEPI Rockcastle NV14/05/2025TBC
QLTQuilter Plc23/05/20252024 AGM: Hybrid
EXX*Exxaro Resources Limited23/05/20252024 AGM: HybridNot publicly available on company website
ACL*ArcelorMittal South Africa Limited24/05/20252024 AGM: HybridNot publicly available on company website
MTNMTN Group Limited24/05/20252024 AGM: electronic-only
CPICapitec Bank Holdings Limited31/05/20252024 AGM: Hybrid
TXTTextainer Group Holdings Limited26/05/2025TBC
SSWSibanye Stillwater Limited28/05/20252024 AGM: electronic-only
ANGAnglo Gold Ashanti Limited28/05/20252024 AGM: electronic-only
SNTSantam Limited28/05/20252024 AGM: electronic-only
AFEAECI Limited28/05/20252024 AGM: Hybrid
GFIGold Fields Limited30/05/20252024 AGM: Hybrid
KIOKumba Iron Ore Limited28/05/20252024 AGM: Hybrid
NED*Nedbank Group Limited31/05/20252024 AGM: HybridMinutes of 2023 AGM
OMU*Old Mutual Limited31/05/20252024 AGM: electronic-onlyMinutes of 2023 AGM
ABG*Absa Group Limited04/06/20252024 AGM: HybridNot publicly available on company website
TGA*Thungela Resources Limited04/06/20252024 AGM: HybridNot publicly available on company website
ADHADvTECH Limited05/06/20252024 AGM: Hybrid
SLM*Sanlam Limited05/06/2025 2024 AGM: electronic-only
SBK*Standard Bank Group Limited10/06/20252024 AGM: electronic-onlyNot publicly available on company website
APHAlphamin Resources Corporation19/06/20242024 AGM: Hybrid
RESResilient Reit Limited20/06/20242024 AGM: Hybrid

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