Exposing lobbying & greenwashing

The impacts of climate change are already disproportionately felt by poor and marginalised communities, compounding poverty, inequality and unemployment.

It is crucial that we urgently achieve policy alignment to support a just transition to a low-carbon, climate resilient, sustainable and inclusive economy.  

However, the global policy response to climate change has been weak and inadequate, and a key reason for this is unprecedented lobbying, by the fossil fuel industry and its related industry associations, to weaken, delay and oppose climate-related regulation. This has cost governments significant time and the benefit of financial flows which might have been applied to further mitigation and adaptation strategies. 

Greenwashing is the practise of creating the impression that an entity cares deeply about sustainability, when it is in fact continuing with business as usual. Because it creates a false impression that action is being taken, greenwashing threatens our ability to achieve the urgent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions required to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement.

We work to expose corporate lobbying and greenwashing that undermines climate action, and to encourage positive climate engagement by companies and financial institutions.