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6 September 2022

2022 AGM Roundup 2 (26 July – 4 August)

In this roundup:

  • Investec goes fully hybrid – offering both its Limited and Plc shareholders the option to attend the AGM either in person or electronically. Investec also enabled voice integration for its Q&A session, allowing shareholders to ask verbal questions.
  • Investec will pay its executive directors in South Africa up to R2 million each in additional benefits as an “enhanced protection” fee. Investec also makes progress on scope 3 (financed) emissions disclosure.
  • Pick n Pay improves its climate disclosures, but has some way to go on scope 3 emissions reporting.
  • Ninety One discloses scope 3 (financed) emissions, but gives no interim targets or deadlines against which to measure progress towards 2030 climate goals.
  • Ninety One and Investec dispute “usefulness” of pay gap disclosure. 

At the following AGMs, Just Share asked 16 questions relating to inequality (wage / gender pay gaps and income inequality), diversity and transformation, climate change, and related governance issues.

  • Pick n Pay Limited, 26 July 2022
  • Ninety One Limited, 26 July 2022
  • Investec Group Limited, 4 August 2022

Our second AGM roundup for 2022 summarises Just Share’s questions and company answers at these AGMs and sets out commitments made by the companies in response to questions asked.

Download AGM Roundup 2

IMAGE: 123RF / lendig