Five things to know about Thungela & Exxaro’s climate-related disclosures

Just Share’s latest briefing details five key takeaways from our analysis of Thungela Resources Limited and Exxaro Resources Limited’s most recent climate-related disclosures, incorporating the responses to Just Share’s questions at the companies’ May 2023 AGMs where relevant.

Although there has been some progress in relation to each company’s target-setting since Just Share’s 2022 briefings assessing the climate-related disclosures of Exxaro and Thungela, a year later it is still the case that neither company has a credible decarbonisation strategy nor science-based emission reduction targets.

Key messages

  • Neither company has a climate science-aligned, credible strategy to achieve its 2050 target (net zero for Thungela and carbon neutrality for Exxaro).
  • Both companies exclude scope 3 emissions from their shorter-term decarbonisation targets, and Exxaro excludes scope 3 emissions also from its 2050 target – even though scope 3 emissions constitute over 97% of each company’s overall emissions.
  • Neither Exxaro nor Thungela rules out future investment in coal – other than new greenfield coal operations – and both rely heavily on technologies which are currently prohibitively expensive and not viable at scale as part of their potential future decarbonisation strategies.
  • Neither company provides sufficiently detailed or transparent disclosures on its climate-related lobbying activities or those of its industry associations.
  • Exxaro and Thungela’s commitment to transparency is undermined by the companies’ refusals to table non-binding advisory shareholder resolutions.

In the absence of credible, accountable decarbonisation commitments, and climate action aligned with the Paris Agreement goal of limiting global warming to 1.5°C, Thungela and Exxaro can expect increased scrutiny and pressure relating to their transition plans.

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