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15 May 2018

Just Share’s website is live!

We are excited to announce that our website is now live at

Please sign up to our mailing list, and you can also join our community of responsible investors!

You can read about our Climate Change Campaign, or visit our Investor Hub, where you can find information and resources about responsible investment and shareholder activism initiatives, and latest developments in SA and abroad.

Why shareholder activism?

Shareholder activism is the use of the rights held by shareholders in listed (publicly traded) companies to bring about changes in the way the company is operated.

The operations of big companies often have severe impacts on people and the environment. Civil society organisations around the world are increasingly using shareholder activism to force companies to change their behaviour.

In South Africa, shareholder activism has been limited, and mostly confined to issues of governance and financial performance. Just Share is one of the first civil society organisations in the country dedicated to shareholder activism and responsible investment, on a range of social and environmental issues.

Why climate change?

Climate change is possibly the greatest challenge of our time. It poses unprecedented risks to people, our environment, and our economy.

But despite our commitments under the Paris Agreement, South Africa is forging ahead on a GHG trajectory that is aligning with a 3-4°C rise in temperatures. The government is planning a series of new coal-fired power stations, which we don’t need and which will make it impossible to meet our climate change commitments.

Our financial institutions are failing to take the brave steps needed to accelerate our transition to a low-carbon economy. Many of our listed companies are significant contributors to climate change, but they appear to be facing no meaningful challenges from their shareholders. This is despite the clear financial risks posed by fossil fuel companies to the long-term sustainability of investments.

Just Share is catalysing and supporting the use of investor power to build awareness of climate change risks, to stimulate shareholder action to address them, and to accelerate South Africa’s transition to a low-carbon economy.

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