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11 August 2022

Zoning out the critics

This article was first published in the Financial Mail on 11 August 2022.

Instead of welcoming public participation in the Musina-Makhado SEZ’s approvals process, public officials have resisted transparency and vilified those demanding it.

“Some individuals and organisations elected to become the champions and advocates for the perpetuation of poverty and unemployment among the voiceless poor... continued

5 August 2022

Reckoning with greenwashing

This article was first published in the Daily Maverick on 2 August 2022.

Climate action is on every government and corporate agenda, but the world is far behind where it should be in acting to avoid the worst impacts of climate change. This is thanks at least in part to corporate advertising and lobbying that has cynically misled the public about climate science and climate action for... continued

14 July 2022

In praise of SA’s unsung heroes

This article was first published in the Financial Mail on 14 July 2022.

In the face of government’s callous disregard, the social justice sector strives to give real meaning to SA’s progressive constitution. Our society would be all the poorer without it.

If you are the kind of person who holds out hope that a more just, more equal and less cruel world is both desirable and possible,... continued


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