The great gaslight

This article was first published in the Financial Mail on 13 October 2022. In his 1949 novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, George Orwell coined the term “doublethink” to describe a form of indoctrination that requires subjects to simultaneously accept two conflicting ideas as the truth. Doublethink means “to know and not to know, to be conscious of complete truthfulness while […]

Court shines light on Mantashe’s fossil fuel bias

This article was first published in the Financial Mail on 15 September 2022. A high court judgment shatters any lingering illusions about the government’s willingness to apply or comply with the law. In late 2021, a group of community organisations and NGOs successfully approached the Makhanda high court for an interim interdict to stop an imminent seismic […]

Government must not give in to intense fossil fuel industry lobbying on Carbon Tax Act

On 29 August, Just Share submitted comments on  proposed amendments to the Carbon Tax Act, 2019 (CTA).  The article below, first published in the Daily Maverick on 6 September 2022, sums up our submissions and explains why the proposed amendents fall far short of what is needed to reflect the true cost of emissions and the urgent need for polluters to […]

Investing in more renewables without phasing out coal mining is not climate action

This article was first published in the Daily Maverick on 23 August 2022. Last week, Exxaro Resources presented its 2022 interim results. The company’s new CEO, Dr Nombasa Tsengwa, spoke at length about Exxaro’s growth plans for its renewable energy business. But what was not said is equally important. There was not a word about decarbonising – or running […]

Zoning out the critics

This article was first published in the Financial Mail on 11 August 2022. Instead of welcoming public participation in the Musina-Makhado SEZ’s approvals process, public officials have resisted transparency and vilified those demanding it. “Some individuals and organisations elected to become the champions and advocates for the perpetuation of poverty and unemployment among the voiceless poor people […]

Reckoning with greenwashing

This article was first published in the Daily Maverick on 2 August 2022. Climate action is on every government and corporate agenda, but the world is far behind where it should be in acting to avoid the worst impacts of climate change. This is thanks at least in part to corporate advertising and lobbying that has cynically […]

In praise of SA’s unsung heroes

This article was first published in the Financial Mail on 14 July 2022. In the face of government’s callous disregard, the social justice sector strives to give real meaning to SA’s progressive constitution. Our society would be all the poorer without it. If you are the kind of person who holds out hope that a more just, […]

Can greenwashing help define ESG?

This article was first published in the Independent Online on 21 June 2022. German law enforcement officers recently raided the Frankfurt headquarters of Deutsche Bank and DWS (a German asset manager that is 80% owned by Deutsche Bank), as part of an ongoing investigation into allegations of greenwashing by DWS. The prosecutors told media afterwards that they had evidence […]

No clearing the (Joburg) air

This article was first published in the Financial Mail on 16 June 2022. When SA weakened air pollution limits in 2020, it likely set a world record for regression on air pollution regulation. That makes it difficult to take seriously the latest promises of reform. Despite Covid’s resetting of business travel expectations, some trips remain unavoidable. Last […]

Scrutinising board sustainability credentials: what is “sustainability experience”?

This Just Share article was written for & distributed by Anchor Stockbrokers. There is a popular meme in the world of environmental, social and governance (ESG) professionals, depicting four examples of “the fastest things on earth”, ranked in order of increasing speed: a cheetah, an aeroplane, the speed of light, and “people becoming “specialists” in […]