Lauren Burnhill is an experienced practitioner of inclusive, sustainable and responsible finance. Her work helps corporate, non-profit and development organisations understand practice and methodology options to effectively integrate financial, environmental and social considerations, and to then structure innovative financing vehicles that align the interests of sponsors, operating companies and investors. The names and methodologies change – SRI, ESG, double-bottom line, triple-bottom line, impact investment – but the overarching goal is a trifecta – enhance financial returns by creating value for people (human needs) and planet (climate and environmental issues).

A recognised global leader in “Access to Finance” — bankable and sustainable financing programs for businesses (micro, small and medium-sized enterprises “MSME”) — Lauren pioneered the concept of “Access to Life” finance to describe sectors like health, education, affordable housing, healthy and secure food systems, clean water and sanitation, renewable energy and basic infrastructure that need growth investment in parallel to microfinance opportunities.

Lauren holds a Masters in Social Change and Development from the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) and an MBA in Finance and Strategic Planning from Wharton. In 2015, she earned a Development Finance Professional Certification from the US Council of Development Finance Agencies (CDFA).